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Welcome Message of the Mayor

“The introduction of modern inventions, such as the mobile phones, computers and the internet, has jumpstarted an aggressive economic spin-off in various parts of the globe.

Communications, which is an important part of human relation, has drastically improved with the introduction of the internet. Reception time of messages from one person to another, no matter the distance, had been tremendously reduced and efficient relay of important information has become easier as switching a light bulb on.

In today’s world that runs on modern technology to facilitate communication and transportation, it is imperative for every one—both in private and in public sector—to adopt new technologies to improve their services…”

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That the town of Mexico was said to have been founded in the year 1581?

In the book of a certain Fr. Buzeta, conquerors arrived in this town in small boats coming from the south landing in a bushy place now called San Jose Matulid.


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