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February 27, 2023
The Mexico Youth Development Office is now accepting Youth and Youth-Serving Organizations for registration on the local youth organization inventory of the municipality and to provide assistance to be officially recognized by the National Youth Commission through its Youth Organization Registration Program (YORP).
The Youth Organization Registration Program (YORP) is a program of the National Youth Commission (NYC) that facilitates the registration of youth and youth-serving organizations to ensure access and participation to NYC-initiated programs nationwide.
1. Official Registration Form (YORP FORM)
2. Directory of Officers and Adviser/s
3. List of Members in Good Standing
4. Copy of Constitution and By-Laws (indicating the age and scope of membership) (Template available upon request)
5. Endorsement/ Certification from Appropriate Authority (See posters for details)
All forms can be downloaded in the following link:
Once accomplished, please send files to our email ([email protected]) for initial review.
For more information, please see the following posters.
Register your organization now!
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