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GOV.PH  |  Philippine Standard Time: 16 June 2024, 10:12 AM


1 Repair and Improvement of AVR Building at Don Jesus Gonzales High School (January 8, 2024) 
2 Concreting of School Assembly Area, Repainting of Covered Court (Roofing and Framework), Landscaping of Driveway at Sto. Rosario Elementary School (January 12, 2024) 
3 Various Repair of Four (4) Classrooms at San Antonio Elementary School (January 12, 2024) 
4 Supplemental Feeding Program for Mexico Day Care Children (January 15, 2024) 
5 Various Repair of Four (4) Classrooms at Sabanilla Elementary School (February 12, 2024) 
6 Installation of Steel Railings of the Three Classroom Building and Painting of New School Building at Sta. Maria Elementary School ( February 27, 2024) 
7 Completion of Construction Works and Improvement Works at the 2nd Floor of the Mexico Community Hospital (Phase I) (February 28, 2024)
8 Improvement/Construction of Concrete Road with Masonry Drainage at San Antonio (February 28, 2024) 
9 Concreting/Armouring and Improvement of Road Shoulders with Installation of Street Signs and Lights at San Vicente (March 1, 2024) 
10 Procurement of Laboratory Supplies for MCH (March 11, 2024) 
11 Procurement of One Thousand Sixty Vials (1,060) Vials Anti Rabies (March 15, 2024) 
12 Event Organizer for Mexico Town Fiesta 2024 (April 18,, 2024) 
13 Procurement of Groceries for Food Packs for Senior Citizen’s Annual Assembly (December 20,2023)
14 School Fence Extention and Electrical Repair of Feeding Area and Covered Court Located at Pandacaqui Resettlement ES, Pandacaqui, Mexico, Pampanga ( December 15,2023)
15 Repair of School Principal Building and Various Repair Works of School Classrooms Located at Anao ES, Anao, Mexico, Pampanga (December 15,2023)
16 Concreting of School Ground, Installation of CCTV and Installation of Solar Lights Located at ACLI ES, Acli Mexico, Pampanga (December 15,2023)
17 Repair of classroom CR’s and Classroom Handwashing Area and Various repair works of school buildings classrooms located at Buenavista ES, Buenavista, Mexico, Pampanga (December 14,2023)
18 Repair of 2 Classrooms Located at Balas ES, Balas, Mexico, Pampanga (December 14,2023)
19 Replacement of Windows, Repainting of Admin Building, Korean Blind and Cubicle Office Located at Admin Building, Sto. Rosario, Mexico, Pampanga (December 14,2023)
20 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Solar Streetlights located at Jasa Road & Parian, Mexico, Pampanga (December 6,2023)
21 Repair of Damaged Stone Masonry with Concreting of Shoulder at San Vicente Due to Typhoon Egay Located at San Vicente, Mexico, Pampanga (December 6,2023)
22 Completion of the Rehabilitation of the fire Protection Station at Pandacaqui Resettlement Located at Pandacaqui, Mexico, Pampanga (December 6,2023)
23 Various Repair of Three (3) Classrooms Located at Nueva Victoria ES, Nueva Victoria, Mexico, Pampanga (November 8,2023)
24 Construction of Feeding Area and Handwash Facility Located at Lagundi ES, Lagundi, Mexico, Pampanga (November 8,2023)
25 Tiling of Grade 1 & 2 Classrooms, Replacement of Grade 1 Roof and Grade 1, 2 & 3 Ceiling Located at Concepcion ES, Concepcion, Mexico, Pampanga (November 9,2023)
26 Tiling of Four Classrooms, Electrical Wiring of 5 Classrooms (Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) Located at Panipuan ES, Panipuan, Mexico, Pampanga (November 9,2023)
27 Renovation of School Back Fence Located at Laput ES, Laput, Mexico, Pampanga (November 9,2023)
28 Construction of Feeding Area and Handwash Facility Located at Lagundi ES, Lagundi, Mexico, Pampanga (November 9,2023)
29 Various Repair of Two Classrooms Located at Laug ES, Laug, Mexico, Pampanga (November 10,2023)
30 Repair of School Back Fence, Replacement of Stage Roof and Repair of Kinder Comfort Room, Tiling of 7 Classrooms Located at Pangatlan ES, Mexico, Pampanga (November 10,2023)
31 Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall (Phase 1) at Suclaban, Mexico, Pampanga (November 10,2023)
32 Rehabilitation of School Fence Metal Fabrication (Stainless) of Steel Gate Located at San Miguel ES, San Miguel, Mexico, Pampanga (November 14,2023)
33 Rehabilitation and Repair of Stage and Repainting of School Building Located at Camuning ES, Camuning, Mexico, Pampanga (November 14,2023)
34 Construction of Library Located at Diosdado Macapagal High School, Sto. Domingo, Mexico, Pampanga (November 14,2023)
35 Various repair of two classrooms located at Dolores Piring ES, Dolores Piring, Mexico, Pampanga (November 16,2023)
36 Repair of Roof and Ceiling of two Classrooms, Floor tilings of 5 classrooms located at san rafael ES, San rafael, Mexico, Pampanga (November 16,2023)
37 Repair Floor Tiling and Installation of Glass Partition of Principal’s Office, Pavement of Pathwalk, Installation of CCTV Located at Suclaban ES, Suclaban, Mexico, Pampanga (November 16,2023)
38 Improvement of Covered Court Located at Masamat ES, Masamat, Mexico, Pampanga (November 17,2023)
39 Construction of Pavement for Covered Pathwalk, Construction of Drainage, Installation of Metal Post for Solar Lights Located at San Patricio ES (November 17,2023)
40 Construction of Concrete Table with Benches and Various Repair Works of School Buildings Classrooms and Repair of Stage Located at Pandacaqui ES, Pandacaqui, Mexico, Pampanga (November 17,2023)
41 Procurement of Laboratory Supplies for MCH (September 8,2023)
42 Publication of Municipal Ordinances (October 6,2023)
43 Expansion of Multi-Purpose Hall at Sta. Cruz Located at Sta. Cruz, Mexico, Pampanga (September 1,2023)
44 Construction of Covered Pathwalk Located at San Jose Matulid ES, San Jose Matulid, Mexico, Pampanga (September 1,2023)
45 Procurement of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand (250,000) Pieces Tilapia Fingerlings (September 14,2023)
46 Procurement of One Thousand Four Hundred Seventy (1,470) Sacks 14-14-14 Fertilizers (September 14,2023)
47 Supply , Delivery and Installation of Lanterns for Tourism Development Program (September 8, 2023)
48 Procurement of Two Hundred Seventy Two (272) Bags Hybrid Yellow Corn (September 22,2023)
49 Repair of Feeding Area, Gulaya Fence and Various Repair of School Buildings Classrooms Located at Tangle ES, Tangle, Mexico, Pampanga (September)
50 Various Repair Works of School Building Located at San Juan Elementary School, San Juan, Mexico, Pampanga (August 3,2023)
51 Various Repair of Five (5) Classrooms Located at Sto. Domingo ES, Sto. Domingo, Mexico, Pampanga (August 8,2023)
52 Hightening of School Fence and Tiling of 4 Classrooms Located at Sta. Cruz Elementary School, Sta. Cruz, Mexico, Pampanga (August 11,2023)
53 Construction of Drainage at Parian Located at Parian, Mexico, Pampanga (August 1,2023)
54 Construction of Clinic and Various Repair Works of School Buildings Classrooms Located at Nicanor Vergara David High School, Anao, Mexico Pampanga (August 11,2023)
55 Concreting of District Parking for Vehicle and Renovation of Two(2) Office Comfort Rooms, Completion of External Ceiling and Sliding Windows Located at Mexico West District, Anao (August 11,2023)
56 Procurement of Assorted Medicines for RHU 1-5 (August 16,2023)
57 Procurement of Food Packs for Indigent Senior Citizen (August 16,2023)
58 Procurement of Medical Supplies for RHU 1-5 (August 16,2023)
59 Replacement of 4 Classrooms Roof and Installation of Iron Grill Fence, Replacement of Gate Located at Gandus ES, Gandus, Mexico, Pampanga (August 23,2023)
60 Various Repair of District Office and Installation of Grills Located at District Office and ALS Building Mexico Elementary School, Parian, Mexico, Pampanga (August 23,2023)
61 Installation of Paver Blocks Located at Gerry H. Rodriguez High School, Divisoria, Mexico, Pampanga (August 23,2023)
62 Procurement of Office Supplies for MCH (July 19,2023)
63 Rehabilitation of X-ray Room (MCH Diagnostic Center) Located at MCH, San Carlos, Mexico, Pampanga (July 27,2023)
64 Continuation Completion of Construction of Multi-Purpose Building at Barangay Masamat Located at Masamat, Mexico, Pampanga (June 6,2023)
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