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GOV.PH  |  Philippine Standard Time: 16 June 2024, 09:42 AM

Strong Support to the Reigning Mutya ning Mexico 2023

December 10, 2023

Mayor Rodencio S. Gonzales expresses its strong support to the reigning Mutya ning Mexico 2023, Ma. Gianashee Gorospe as she represent the Municipality of Mexico in this year’s search for Mutya ning Kapampangan 2023.
Mayor Gonzales encourages everyone to watch and support and cheer for our very own Mutya njng Mexico in the Grand Coronation Night of Mutya ning Kapampangan 2023 happening tonight, December 10,2023,7:00 p.m. at Bren Z. Guiao Convention Center.
Tune nakang pagmaragul ning Balen Mexico, malagu, matenakan, Mutya ning Mexico 2023 Ma. Gianashee Gorospe!
#MayorRSG #IngBayungMexico #SerbisyungAtingPusu
#LuidkaMexico #LuidlarengMexicano
#MutyaningMexico #MutyaningKapampangan2023

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